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Coming May 2024

Cedar Rapids Michigan doesn’t exist. So why do the people who find it disappear?

This twisty small-town mystery is a perfect fit for readers of Stephanie Plum novels or fans of the TV show Fargo. An almost cozy, absolutely deadly mystery. 


Big city living has left Michelle broke and lonely, so when her ten-year high school reunion is announced, she jumps at the chance to head back to her cozy hometown. On the eve of her departure, an old friend's mysterious call reignites the legend of Cedar Rapids, a town vivid in Michelle’s childhood memories. The only problem is it doesn’t exist.

After twenty years with no trace of the enigmatic town, Michelle's friend claims to have found it, but when the call ends, just like Cedar Rapids, she disappears.

Michelle rallies her childhood friends, and her quirky family to help her unravel the town's mystery.
 Soon, Michelle holds a secret that could destroy a whole town.

When the truth is revealed, it's beyond what anyone imagined. Now, Michelle will have to fight her way through a cast of bad characters and a fair number of spiders to survive this tangled web of deceit. Lucky for her, she's got a secret that has always kept her safe, so far…

Never There a Rural Noir similar to Fargo

Best-Selling Saints Mystery Series

Nicole Loughan Mystery Author

"I call them my saints and they have always been with me." 

-Fanchon, A Masquerade of Saints



Nicole is the author of the saints mystery series. The first two books were awarded honorable mention in best-genre fiction from Writer's Digest.

To Murder a Saint Book Cover
All Saints Secrets Book Cover
A Masquerade of Saints Book Cover



Nicole was awarded first place in feature writing from the Michigan Press Association. She is also known as the syndicated humor columnist "The Starter Mom."

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