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American Idol of books

The Divine Hotel is about to go up in front of the judges in a fight for a spot as America's next top novel.

The grand prize guarantees fame, riches, household name recognition, and a movie deal. Oh, no wait I'm thinking of the real American Idol. What I'm going into is called Kindle Scout and it's Amazon's version of a reality show contest. The grand prize is a publishing contract, but Simon Cowell has no sway here, well he gets one vote, just like everybody else. This contest is completely reader based and I hope I wrote a novel that moves mystery/thriller lovers to hit the vote button to find out what happens next. There is something in it for those who vote as well, they get a free copy of the book if I win!

Please stop by The Divine Hotel on Kindle Scout and read the extended preview. Either way this book will be coming out on Kindle and if you vote you might get a copy for free.


Sarah knows it’s going to be a bad day. Two kids are missing and she just saw the mystery man. He has a habit of showing up just before things go horribly wrong. After seeing him for the first time in years she braces herself for a visit to the derelict Divine Hotel. She’s right to be afraid, because for the hotel and everybody in it, time is running out. They are all about to fall into ruin. It’s up to Sarah to find a way to re-set the clock. Too bad the switch is all the way back in 1964.

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